Welcome to RoboNegotiator. Since our market research showed that most of the B2B sellers are looking for automating their sales efforts and similarly buyers are looking for self-serve websites as their first point of contact (instead of calling a sales representative), we decided that we lead by an example. This is our honest attempt to show how everything in world can be productized and how we can make a self-serve website for our customers. You can check about RoboNegotiator company, management team, pitch deck, business plan and use our own product (online negotiation) to explore investment opportunity in our company as well. We believe, you should have everything you need before you engage us for further discussion. For a larger investor interested in more equity, let us know if you want a founder or management team to be on the call or in-person for pitching.

About Management Team

Dhaval Shah

CTO & Founder

Master’s in Computer Science

Software Developer, Manager, Director, VP, Engineering in Software, Internet, Wireless industry for various companies - 30 years.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Steve Hufford

SVP, Business Operations


Hufford Services - CEO/Owner – Contracts & proposal development COO – Job Hub Group Director, multiple family offices

Portland, OR

Dave Raun


BSEE, Strategic Marketing, Corporate Governance

President & CEO – One Stop Systems (Nasdaq: OSS) ASSIA – President, COO Synopsys – Board of Director

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

John Rix

VP, Business Dev

BSCE, UofA, 17 Patents President – Viron Technologies & Others

IBM, Raytheon, Honeywell - R&D, DSP, Control Systems Managed team of 130, 10MM revenues

Tucson, AZ